Sleeping Beautifully with the Best Lingerie Sets

Real talk: no one looks Instagrammable in their nightly repose - not a single soul - unless you stage the whole thing. You could place a pile of cashmere blankets on an artfully unmade bed, with pillows arranged in a slightly messy, but interesting way. You could dim the lamp before you doze off, or maybe light a candle to set the mood. But, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? 

Thankfully, there's a magic trick to looking beautiful in your sleep and waking up the next morning feeling fresh and fabulous. It's these lingerie sets!

Sexy Satin Robe

Satin robes are a classic, but some lingerie stores give them a sexy twist. They make these intimates with soft, sensual laces and a super short length that shows off those gorgeous gams. They're not too revealing, though, as they cover up the torso and most of the upper body. 

Satin robes also have beauty benefits, which is why a bride and her girls choose to wear them as they get ready for the big day. Their fabric is smooth and gentle to the touch, and it glides over the body and doesn't tug the skin. This prevents ugly bed marks from showing up in the morning and keeps wrinkles at bay if you put the lingerie on every night as you go to sleep.

Sheer Mesh Teddy

A sheer mesh teddy is a type of lingerie bodysuit that keeps you feeling really sexy even when you're worried about love handles or some stretch marks on your midsection. Like shapewear, it hides the bulges well since its fabric is body-hugging and has a naturally uplifting effect. You'll look slimmer and more toned without hitting the gym. This sleepwear also covers up just enough to conceal imperfections on the skin, leaving something to the imagination.

And, even if you toss and turn in bed, a sheer mesh teddy stays in place. It won't slip or slide down because of its stretchy fabric. You wake up and glance at the mirror the next day, still looking as alluring as ever.

Sleep Eye Mask

Open Bust Lingerie Sets

If you want lingerie that gives you that draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls attitude like Kate Winslet in Titanic, an open bust set is for you. It has a cupless brassiere that exposes the chest, so you can lie down in bed with the confidence to pose for a painting. What's good about this piece is that it pushes the breasts up, making them appear rounder and fuller. So, it not only looks good on those with large cup sizes but on small ones as well.

An open bust lingerie set doesn't have a lot of fabric, so it feels like sleeping naked. And, surprisingly, this gives you many health benefits, one of which is boosting your oxytocin levels. It's the feel-good hormone that combats stress, depression, and high blood pressure - no more waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

The key to sleeping beautifully is being comfortable in your own skin, so you wake up the next morning having the confidence to kick-start your day. But, sometimes, you just don't feel like the masterpiece you are, so you need a little boost to get there. These lingerie sleepwear options are ideal for helping you out. Contact the Night Closet online shop to assist you in finding the best set of intimates for you.