Flaunt Your Curves with the Best Plus-Size Lingerie Collection

Plus-size lingerie is attractive, functional, and innovative innerwear and intimate clothing for women. Its styles and categories go beyond being just a simple undergarment.

It might not be an obvious advantage, but wearing good lingerie can help boost your confidence. After all, it completes and complements any outfit when paired the right way. But, there are some things you need to do before you buy those pieces you have your eye on.

  • Relax - For those first-time lingerie buyers, you may find it a little nerve-racking because you're in a new situation. Most websites have great customer service options. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, just like you would if you were in a physical store.
  • Choose the Right Size - Before you buy lingerie online, you need to know your body structure well. If you’re not comfortable measuring yourself, you can go to any intimates store to have a professional complete this task for you. Think of it like buying eyeglasses. Once you have your prescription from an optometrist, you can buy your lenses from anywhere. Many think that wearing smaller pieces would be more flattering. Sadly, this isn't the case. Trying to squeeze into a too-small piece of fabric will only warp your shape.
  • Look for Quality - When you're buying undergarments, it's essential to look for high-value pieces that are going to last for years. And, since you'll be wearing them so close to your body, pick those with good-quality materials.

Lingerie is meant to make you feel good about yourself, so try to find pieces that can highlight your favorite assets. There are many kinds to choose from, but here are some options:


A corset is a form-fitting undergarment that starts from below the chest and goes down to the hips. This piece of lingerie has been around for a long time because its good at accentuating curves.

What it does is cinch the waist to make it look slimmer. As a result, the bust and hips are emphasized.


Negligees are gowns made of very light material like lace or silk. They can vary in length, being used to accentuate different areas. Shorter ones draw attention to the legs while longer pieces highlight the waist. They're usually worn over other lingerie, so you’re comfortable without feeling too exposed.


On the flip side, you may want to look for fun cheeky panties like thongs. They’re small items with panels that cover the front before tapering to a fine strap in the back. They're perfect when worn under form-fitting trousers and skirts as they eliminate panty lines that can let down the look of an expensive outfit.

Plus Size Crisscross Teddy


This is a one-piece item that can make your body look longer because it stretches the entire length of the torso. It’s great as an elegant nightgown because it doesn’t restrict your body, making it extremely comfortable. It comes in silk, mesh, or cotton, which are all alluring as they reveal less or more, depending on your taste.

Knowing what to look for and understanding the different types of undergarments that will suit your body shape can make your shopping more enjoyable. Head over to Night Closet if you're looking for the best place to buy plus-size lingerie. You won't have to worry about limited choices there because you’ll find a wide selection of quality pieces that you'll surely love.