Finding the Perfect Lingerie Fit Online

Shopping on an online lingerie store can be overwhelming, particularly because it's hard to get undergarments in the right size. Fortunately, there are tips you can learn to make your buying experience easier. Read on for 3 things that can help you purchase your next set of intimates.

The Right Way to Take Measurements

It's good to have your body measurements before buying intimates. There will be variations in how lingerie of the same size will fit from brand to brand or from one style to another. So, compare your dimensions to the online shop's sizing information to ensure a proper fit. Here's how to get those figures:

  • Bust Size - Get the measurement around your back and over your nipples for your cup size. Make sure the tape doesn't push your breasts down.
  • Band Size - Get the length around your ribcage directly under your bust. Check if the measuring tape is straight and flat against your skin.
  • Waist - Measure all the way around the smallest part of your torso to get your waist circumference. And, just a tip, don't hold your breath, so it’s accurate.
  • Hips - Place your feet together when doing this, since having them apart can create a measurement larger than your actual size. Locate the widest part of your hips and get the length all the way around it.

Always do this in front of a mirror so you can check if the tool is twisted or uneven. Remove your garments to get an accurate measurement.

Getting the Right Bra Size

Bra sizes feature two measurements - the band (numbered 28-44) and the cup (represented by the letters AA-M). Their combination is the basis for the labels on your lingerie, namely 32A, 34B, 36C, and so on. However, not all body types fall within these proportions, so certain brands offer a larger sizing range outside these standard figures

  • Use an Equation for Figuring Out Your Bra Size - Get your bust and band sizes first and then their difference. If you have a 36-inch bust, and your band is around 32 inches, you'll be a 32D. That's because 36 minus 32 is 4, and that number corresponds to the letter D in the alphabet.
  • Round Up If Your Breasts Are Two Different Sizes - It's perfectly normal to have uneven bosoms - one can be naturally bigger than the other. If the difference is significant enough to be noticeable, lingerie experts suggest that you fit the intimate wear to the larger breast. You can just even out their appearance by adding an insert to the smaller breast. Another option is to buy a bra with removable pads, then take one out from the bigger side.

Black Lace Bralette and Satin Pink Underwear

Getting the Right Brief and Thong Size 

These intimates should feel like a second skin, so they need to fit well. If they're slightly tight or loose, wearing them will make you uncomfortable. They feature hip and waist sizes, so get both measurements. 

  • Look for Firm Elastic - No one wants to tug their briefs or thongs all day just to keep them from slipping. To avoid this problem, choose one with firm elastic or a thicker waistband. It's sure to stay in place. However, be careful not to get something too tight to avoid chafing.
  • Go with Cotton - Cotton is the best choice for comfortable, breathable underwear. It's also a great option for something with a snug fit. The textile is soft and stretchable enough to adapt to the body's contours.

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