Christmas-Inspired Lingerie to Try This Holiday

Sometimes, buying something for yourself is the perfect gift for your significant other. So, this Christmas, why not treat your special someone right by treating yourself to some Christmas-inspired lingerie from an online lingerie shop? Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s easy to find something that’ll put a little more jingle in your bells this holiday season. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect holiday-themed lingerie.

Sexy Mrs. Claus

There’s nothing more quintessentially Christmassy than something in deep red with a fluffy white trim. And when that combination is wrapped around you, your significant other will think they just got the best Christmas gift they’ve ever had.

You can find this combination in virtually any style. It also works in just about any material, whether it’s velvet, silk, or even mesh. Just make sure that white trim is nice and soft for the right visual appearance, as well as a delightful sensory experience for you both. You can even pair it with a classic Santa hat to make the look extra festive.

Santa’s Naughty Helper

When most people think of elves, they think of the little merry folk that help Santa make his toys. But you’re offering a different kind of help this Christmas. Dress up in some elf-inspired lingerie for a fun and festive look that’s sure to excite in the bedroom. A vibrant evergreen color with some yellow trim is the perfect color combo to pull off this look. Pair it with some matching striped thigh-highs and a little elf hat, and you’ll be making someone very happy on Christmas day.

Nutcracker Soldier

Don’t let the name scare you off. The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas tale that virtually everyone knows. And, while it may originally be about a little girl who loves her toy soldier, don’t be afraid to rewrite this story for a more adult audience. A soldier-inspired onesie in blue, white, and red with gold trim and a black belt turns you into the sexiest soldier in the army.

Add a top hat and black boots to complete the ensemble. If you’re really looking to get into the role, a costume sword makes a great addition to this lingerie that’s absolutely perfect for role-playing. We promise, you’ll be the one toy that your significant other wants to play with all day on Christmas.

Sexy nutcracker costume

Anything in Red

Holiday-focused lingerie might not be for everyone, and that’s just fine. If you’re not entirely comfortable with something so completely on the nose as the other ideas mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special for Christmas. Everyone know that red is a very Christmassy color. So, find yourself a new piece of lingerie in a rich red color, and you’re still perfectly in season, while also buying a piece of lingerie that you can use throughout the year.

If you’re feeling playful, you can add a ribbon around your waist to make yourself into the perfect Christmas gift. Their fingers will be just itching to unwrap you from the moment you step out in your new lingerie.

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